Meet Our Amazing Team

Storeify is a team founded by programmers and designers who are smart, creative and experienced in the field of e-commerce from 2016. We are attempting to become one of the best companies to provide apps for Shopify users.


Years of experience

We were created by e-commerce experts since 2016. We are passionate, creative and aspirational.


Projects Completed

We have completed 50 large projects that require the highest level of expertise and professionalism. We have never failed.


Happy Clients

Almost 100% happy customers with our app and service. 4.9 average rating.


Global partners

We have partners selling apps around the world and the number is growing day by day.

Shopify Apps with Laravel
Shopify Apps with Laravel


We understand the needs of e-Commerce businesses and transform them into high-end solutions designed with an emphasis on solutions quality, customer experience and long-term value for business owners.


With Storeify you gain 5 years worth of experience in the e-Commerce business, a deep understanding of business needs and their manifestation in the catalogue of many Shopify apps and solutions that keeps growing and evolving every year.


Our development process is aimed at delivering quality solutions that require minimum-to-none involvement beyond installation and configuration. MFTF tests are also included in the product packages to additionally facilitate quality assurance on the customer side.


Storeify is committed to full compliance with data protection regulations. Data protection and Infosec are integrated into all internal processes which ensures that you and your businesses are secure with Storeify and protected at all stages of interaction with the website, team and products.


Our aim is to ensure that we act in the best interests of businesses operating in the e-Commerce domain through a wide range of partnership and loyalty programs, personalized approach, customer success initiatives, and business-oriented customer care services.

Work Experience

Our mission is to help e‑commerce businesses grow through innovation, consistency and quality of delivered Shopify solutions and services.


Starting time

Storeify is founded by Daniel, Duke & Neo in Hanoi, Vietnam


The first app was born

After months of research and incubation, we have released the first complete application: Store locator


Develop apps and add new human resources

From the success of the first application, we continue to invest resources to develop the next applications. Besides, recruiting more human resources to develop the company.


Continue to grow and have more customers

With good applications, and high-quality customer support, we are trusted and supported by customers around the world. We are very confident in our sustainable development.